Frances Adams-OBrien, Librarian

(865) 974-9842

Frances came to MTAS in 1999 from the Ringling School of Art and Design where she served as the Technical Services Librarian. This position provided many challenges as the library was bringing all operations up to industry standards and Frances's goal was the bring the technical services operations in line with the latest practices and standards.Prior to that she was the assistant director for technical services for Sarasota County Public Libraries and, for short stint, Frances was a reference librarian at the Tampa Public Library in the business and science reference section. Graduate work experience included creating a system for tracking all legal information related the 1980's break up of the telephone companies for Bell Northern Research and serving as a "do it all" assistant to the librarian for an NGO that served USAID in Africa focusing on family planning practices.These positions allowed (and expected) lots of exploration and learning related to the growing internet, website creation (yes, programming in HTML, by hand), taking advantage of the burgeoning field of online databases, and ultimately learning that library service would never be the same again with the advent of the internet, email and the web.Being at MTAS has certainly confirmed those experiences. Everyday is a new adventure in providing the best information, in the best way, to provide the most benefit to our customers -- be it in print or electronic format, via email or the web or some other creative delivery method. Libraries and librarians have been in the epicenter of the explosion of e-information and that is unlikely to change anytime soon. Frances has been in that swift-moving stream of information services for her whole professional career and she continues to welcome new challenges and the opportunity to be of service to all colleagues at IPS.Master of Science in Information and Library Science, 1989, University of North Carolina, Chapel HillBachelor of Arts, Sociology and Psychology, 1986, Warren Wilson College, Swannanoa, NC

1610 University Ave.
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