IPS Projects - Senate

Senate Members

  • Rutherford County Courthouse

    District 13- Rutherford County

    Senator Bill Ketron

    Requests for Assistance: 504

    Total Contacts: 1,022

  • Bedford County Courthouse

    District 14- Marshall, Bedford, Lincoln and Moore counties

    Senator Jim Tracy

    Requests for Assistance: 1,055

    Total Contacts: 2,268

  • Cumberland County Courthouse

    District 15- Jackson, Overton, Cumberland, Bledsoe, White and Putnam counties

    Senator Paul Bailey

    Requests for Assistance: 1,013

    Total Contacts: 1,419

  • Marion County Courthouse

    District 16- Coffee, Warren, Franklin, Grundy, Van Buren, Sequatchie and Marion counties

    Senator Janice Bowling

    Requests for Assistance: 1,341

    Total Contacts: 1,675

  • Dekalb County Courthouse

    District 17- Wilson, Macon, Clay, Smith, DeKalb and Cannon counties

    Senator Mae Beavers

    Requests for Assistance: 827

    Total Contacts: 1,014

  • Trousdale County Courthouse

    District 18- Davidson, Sumner and Trousdale counties

    Senator Ferrell Haile

    Requests for Assistance: 796

    Total Contacts: 1,858

  • Davidson County Courthouse

    District 19- Davidson County

    Senator Thelma Harper

    Requests for Assistance: 372

    Total Contacts: 598

  • Davidson County Courthouse

    District 20- Davidson County

    Senator Steven Dickerson

    Requests for Assistance: 372

    Total Contacts: 598

  • Davidson County Courthouse

    District 21- Davidson County

    Senator Jeff Yarbro

    Requests for Assistance: 372

    Total Contacts: 598

  • Stewart County Courthouse

    District 22- Stewart, Montgomery and Houston counties

    Senator Mark Green

    Requests for Assistance: 584

    Total Contacts: 692

  • Williamson County Courthouse

    District 23- Williamson County

    Senator Jack Johnson

    Requests for Assistance: 277

    Total Contacts: 524

  • Henry County Courthouse

    District 24- Obion, Weakley, Gibson, Henry, Carroll and Benton counties

    Senator John Stevens

    Requests for Assistance: 1,805

    Total Contacts: 2,544

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