IPS Projects - Senate

Senate Members

  • Greene County Courthouse

    District 1- Greene, Cocke and Hamblen counties

    Senator Steve Southerland

    Requests for Assistance: 1,171

    Total Contacts: 1,789

  • District 2- Blount and Sevier counties

    Senator Doug Overbey

    Requests for Assistance: 656

    Total Contacts: 917

  • Washington County

    District 3- Washington, Unicoi and Carter counties

    Senator Rusty Crowe

    Requests for Assistance: 972

    Total Contacts: 1,964

  • Johnson City Vineyard

    District 4- Sullivan and Johnson counties

    Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey

    Requests for Assistance: 720

    Total Contacts: 1,405

  • Anderson County Courthouse

    District 5- Loudon and Anderson counties

    Senator Randy McNally

    Requests for Assistance: 1,108

    Total Contacts: 1,439

  • Knox County Courthouse

    District 6- Knox County

    Senator Becky Duncan Massey

    Requests for Assistance: 446

    Total Contacts: 470

  • Knox County

    District 7- Knox County

    Senator Richard Briggs

    Requests for Assistance: 446

    Total Contacts: 470

  • Grainger County Courthouse

    District 8- Hawkins, Grainger, Jefferson, Hancock, Union and Claiborne counties

    Senator Frank Niceley

    Requests for Assistance: 1,278

    Total Contacts: 1,854

  • McMinn County Courthouse

    District 9- Meigs, McMinn, Monroe and Polk counties

    Senator Mike Bell

    Requests for Assistance: 1,212

    Total Contacts: 2,200

  • Bradley County Courthouse

    District 10- Hamilton and Bradley counties

    Senator Todd Gardenhire

    Requests for Assistance: 931

    Total Contacts: 2,377

  • Hamilton County Statue

    District 11- Hamilton County

    Senator Bo Watson

    Requests for Assistance: 690

    Total Contacts: 1,628

  • Pickett County Courthouse

    District 12- Fentress, Rhea, Roane, Pickett, Scott, Morgan and Campbell counties

    Senator Ken Yager

    Requests for Assistance: 1,346

    Total Contacts: 1,988

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