Public Service Legacy Society

Here are more ways you can support the UT Institute for Public Service

Cash, Check or Credit Card

An outright gift can be given to support any campus, institute, college, department or program. Your gift can be designated for scholarships, fellowships, professorships, basic or medical research, the university's libraries, buildings, equipment or athletics. Or you can give an undesginated gift to be used in the area of greatest need.

Outright Gifts of Appreciated Property

You may make a gift of appreciated stock, mutual funds or real estate, and may take an income tax deduction for the gift's current fair market value. When the UT Foundation Inc. sells the property, all capital gains taxes, which would have been owed on the sale, are avoided.

Charitable Remainder Trust

You may fund the trust with cash or appreciated assets and receive income for life and the life of a loved one after the donated asset is sold by the trust. Again, all capital gains taxes are avoided on the sale. You receive a partial income tax deduction based on your age and the amount of income you receive from the trust. Further, the trust assets are removed from your estate.

Bequest in Your Will or Living Trust

You may include IPS in your will or living trust by giving a dollar amount, a percentage of the estate or the residuary (what is left after specifified bequests are made).

Bequest of an IRA or Other Retirement Plan Assets

You may make IPS the full or partial beneficiary of an IRA or other tax-advantaged retirement plan and avoid income taxes that might be charged to the estate based on its account value.

Retained Life Estate

You may deed your home, vacation home or farm to IPS and receive an income tax deduction based on your age and the value of the property. You retain the use of the property for your lifetime, but the asset is removed from your estate. You remain responsible for maintenance, taxes and insurance on the property.

Charitable Gift Annuity

In exchange for a gift of property, marketable securities or cash, IPS and the UT Foundation will contractually guarantee to pay you or another beneficiary a specified annuity for a set number of years or for a lifetime.

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