MTAS Provides Team Building Training For Memphis Police and Fire

Over 30 employees from the Memphis Police and Fire Departments recently completed a Municipal Technical Advisory Service’s (MTAS) team building training. The participants ranged from new employees to very experienced members of both departments.


“The intended purpose for these trainings was three-fold: 1) Learning effective ways employees might successfully accomplish tasks when challenged with obstacles and barriers; 2) Identifying both potential problems and solutions when accomplishing goals as a team; and 3) Describing and implementing best practices for maintaining an effective team,” said MTAS Training Program Manager Macel Ely. “The participants at both sessions successfully attained each of these goals, and we were delighted that the city of Memphis called upon us to assist.


These two separate team-building classes were designed to allow Memphis employees the opportunity to come together as a single unit, despite ranking. The sessions, held at the Memphis Police Services Training academy, were both physically and mentally challenging for city employees.


Felecia Boyd, Learning Coordinator for the City of Memphis Human Resources Division, stated:


“The teambuilding sessions were engaging, interactive and fun,” said Felecia Boyd, learning coordinator for the Memphis Human Resources Division. “The learning and the activities encouraged collaboration across functional groups and fostered a sense of community. It was quite refreshing to observe participants out of their normal environment and enjoying learning! Thank you MTAS for the positive learning impact you have made on Memphis City Government.”

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