LEIC Takes Training International

UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC) Executive Director Don Green and Training Coordinator Chris Jones have completed the first leg of their international training venture.

The training program is a partnership between LEIC and the Global Security Program at the Howard H. Baker Center for Public Policy. Green and Jones, along with Howard Hall, director of the Global Security Program and several other instructors recently completed chemical weapons response training in Nigeria. The program, funded by a U.S. State Department grant, also will take the team to Indonesia and The Philippines.

“The law enforcement professionals in Nigeria were extremely receptive to the training and were enthusiastic in their participation,” Green said. “It is our hope we can continue to expand training for them, based on their feedback, in the future.

The training included simulated chemical weapons laboratories, and participants learned what to do if a chemical weapon is used. Participants also learned to identify chemical weapons, evacuate scenes, collect hazardous materials and clean up laboratories.


LEIC’s Chris Jones (back to the camera) instructs a participant on properly securing protective clothing.

Don Green teaches a course on how to diagram a location affected by chemical weapons.

Course participants practice diagramming a chemical weapons scene.

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