LEIC Participates in Information Session with Malaysian Officials

A group of Malaysian government, university and business officials recently visited East Tennessee to learn what The University of Tennessee, including the UT Institute for Public Service’s Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC), and Oak Ridge National Lab (ORNL) have to offer in terms of nuclear security – both academically and tactically.  


After spending the first part of their trip meeting with officials from ORNL, the group visited the Howard H. Baker Center for Public Policy where they heard from Dr. Joe Stainbeck of the UT Institute for Nuclear Security, Baker Center officials and LEIC Executive Director Don Green. Green discussed the National Forensic Academy 10-week training and the three-week version of the training geared toward college students. He also discussed LEIC’s delivery, in partnership with the U.S. State Department, of a chemical security program scheduled later this summer in Nigeria, Indonesia and the Philippines. 


The Malaysian study tour group including staff members from the National University of Malaysia, the Malaysian Nuclear Agency, the Atomic Energy Licensing Board, the Royal Malaysian Police and the National Security Council.


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