IPS Employees Attend Opening Doors Training

IPS employees participated in Opening Doors training.

Twenty-two employees from the UT Institute for Public Service recently experienced a personal and professional journey by participating in a three-day Opening Doors diversity training in Murfreesboro.

The Opening Doors Diversity Project is operated through the research foundation of the State University of New York. The workshop is based on the belief that understanding differences and ourselves is a life-long learning journey. The three-day workshop encourages engagement and learning in a confidential, non-judgmental environment. Diversity is explored through multiple group identities, which allows participants to see themselves in their lives and relationships across many differences.

Members of the IPS leadership team as well as members of the institute’s diversity committee attended the workshop. Dr. Noma Anderson, UT Diversity Advisory Council Chair and Dean of the College of Health Professions at the UT Health Science Center and Ashleigh Brock from the UT Health Science Center also participated. The training was facilitated by Dr. Brenda Alston-Mills and Dr. Bill Swallow, both of whom are retired by North Carolina State University.


Dr. Brenda Alston-Mills (center) leads a group discussion with Steve Thompson (left) and Don Green (right)

Facilitators Dr. Brenda Alston-Mills and Dr. Bill Swallow

Employees participate in a small group discussion.

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