Future Crime Scene Investigators Study at LEIC

The UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center completed the fourth session of its National Forensic Academy Collegiate Training program with a graduation ceremony. For three weeks, criminal justice majors from across the country participated in the program, which adopted is curriculum from the 10-week professional NFA.

Dr. William Bass welcomed the participants during their first week in class. The students sat through classroom lectures on the latest techniques in crime scene investigations; and received hands-on experience in the lab with digital photography, latent print processing and bloodstain analysis. They also visited the regional forensic center.

Brian Cochran, a detective with the Boone County (Ky.) Sheriff’s Department and a regular instructor with the NFA, said he enjoys teaching at this session because the collegiate participants are eager to learn and have no bad habits to break in the lab.


KayLee Cook University of TN - Martin

Dana Council University of TN - Chattanooga

Alan Friend University of TN - Martin

Lydia Gregory Tennessee Technological University

Jessica Hargrove University of TN - Martin

Caroline High University of TN - Knoxville

Joe Hudgins University of TN - Martin


Jason Klutts University of TN - Martin

Bill Lally Eureka College (IL)

Danielle Mansfield University of TN - Martin

Christian McAlister University of TN - Martin

Kristi McKay University of Western Sydney (Australia)

Dustin Menzies University of TN - Martin

Amber Morris Tennessee Technological University

Ashley Neumair University of TN - Martin

Amillia Payne Campbell University (KY)

Courtney Ross Dyersburg State Community College

Damean Sawyer University of TN - Chattanooga



(NFA 1) Instructor Tim Schade checks fingerprints during the latent print processing session.


(NFA 2) Instructor Brian Cochran explains one of the ways to process fingerprints.

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