District 5- Loudon and Anderson counties

Anderson County Courthouse

Lt. Gov. Randy McNally

Requests for Assistance: 1,380

Total Contacts: 1,572

Training Participants: 1,500

Economic Impact: $ 87,219,790
With assistance from the Center for Industrial Services’ (CIS) Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), Anderson County businesses won government contracts worth more than $72 million; and a Knox County business won several government contracts worth more than $61 million. PTAC consultants work with businesses across Tennessee to help coach them through the federal government contract process.

Nine law enforcement officers from within Knox County participated in the Chemical Weapons Response course taught by the UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC). The course included simulated chemical weapons laboratories, and participants learned what to do if a chemical weapon is used. Participants also learned to identify chemical weapons, evacuate scenes, collect hazardous materials and clean up laboratories.

Twenty-four Anderson County employees attended the UT County Technical Assistant Service’s (CTAS) Internal Controls class. This class helps counties comply with T.C.A. 9-18-102(a), by giving them tools to decrease waste, fraud, and abuse throughout the county via effective internal control practices.

Three municipal employees in Loudon County attended the UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service’s (MTAS) Workplace Violence: A Strategy for Active Shooters class. This class helps prepare employees by teaching them specific strategies for surviving active shooter situations, as well as specific and easy to remember actions that they can do to drastically increase the chances of surviving an active shooter situation for themselves and their coworkers.

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TN Senate
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