District 12- Fentress, Rhea, Roane, Pickett, Scott, Morgan and Campbell counties

Pickett County Courthouse

Senator Ken Yager

Requests for Assistance: 1,518

Total Contacts: 2,141

Training Participants: 226

Economic Impact: $463,297

With assistance from the Center for Industrial Services’ (CIS) Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), several Campbell County businesses won government contracts worth more than $22 thousand. PTAC consultants work with businesses across Tennessee to help coach them through the federal government contract process.

The UT County Technical Assistant Service (CTAS) helped Campbell, Fentress, Morgan, Rhea, Pickett and Scott Counties each save $12,500 by installing the CTAS Highway Program and GASB34 Asset Management software. The software allows the highway department to have more efficient management of operations, including maintenance analysis and scheduling, funding allocation requests, elimination of some field/site visits, and the streamlined ability to provide information.

Two law enforcement officers from Roane County took part in the UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center’s (LEIC) 40-Hour Crime Scene Management Course. Course topics include practical exercises in digital photography, crime scene diagramming and proper methods of casting footwear and tire impressions.

A Fentress County employee attended nine different mandatory courses offered by the UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) that are necessary to achieve their Certified Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO) certification. As result of the Municipal Finance Officer Certification and Education Act of 2007, all cities with gross annual revenues of $500,000 or more, or outstanding debts of $500,000 or more, are required to have at least one person with CMFO certification or a statutorily acceptable exempting certification. In lieu of the CMFO certification, municipalities may also employ someone with an acceptable exemption certification, such as e certified public accountant (CPA), certified public finance officer (CPFO), or certified government finance manager (CGFM).

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TN Senate
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