District 11- Hamilton County

Hamilton County Statue

Senator Bo Watson

Requests for Assistance: 617

Total Contacts: 999

Training Participants: 593

Economic Impact: $8,117,186

With assistance from the Center for Industrial Services’ (CIS) Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), several Hamilton County businesses won government contracts worth more than $23 million. PTAC consultants work with businesses across Tennessee to help coach them through the federal government contract process.

Eight law enforcement officials from Hamilton County attended the UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center’s (LEIC) STOP Domestic Violence course. This 32 hour course provides instruction for investigating domestic violence incidents.  The participants are better equipped to handle domestic violence situations as well as provide resources for victims. This training is a combination of classroom and practical exercises to provide the attendees with current law enforcement response skills in a variety of domestic violence and sexual assault areas.

Thirty Hamilton County employees attended the UT County Technical Assistant Service’s (CTAS) Internal Controls class. This class helps counties comply with T.C.A. 9-18-102(a), by giving them tools to decrease waste, fraud, and abuse throughout the county via effective internal control practices.

A municipal management consultant with the UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) assisted the city of Chattanooga with a question regarding a new law allowing handguns in city parks and how that might impact the local zoo, which is called a park.

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TN Senate
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