District 1- Greene, Cocke and Hamblen counties

Greene County Courthouse

Senator Steve Southerland

Requests for Assistance: 1,401

Total Contacts: 2,109

Training Participants: 474

Economic Impact: $82,470,641

With assistance from the Center for Industrial Services’ (CIS) Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), Greene County businesses won government contracts worth more than $81 million; and Sevier County businesses won government contracts worth more than $259 thousand. PTAC consultants work with businesses across Tennessee to help coach them through the federal government contract process.

2 law enforcement officers from Sevier County took part in the UT Law Enforcement Innovation Center’s (LEIC) 40-Hour Crime Scene Management Course. Course topics include practical exercises in digital photography, crime scene diagramming and proper methods of casting footwear and tire impressions.

The UT County Technical Assistant Service (CTAS) helped Cocke, Greene, and Sevier Counties each save $12,500 by installing the CTAS Highway Program and GASB34 Asset Management software. The software allows the highway department to have more efficient management of operations, including maintenance analysis and scheduling, funding allocation requests, elimination of some field/site visits, and the streamlined ability to provide information.

Eight municipal employees throughout Hamblen County attended 8 different courses offered via the UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service’s (MTAS) Municipal Management Academy. The Municipal Management Academy is designed for experienced managers and supervisors who want to become more effective, as well as those who have been recently appointed to supervisory positions in municipal government. The course sessions are easily adapted for groups of different sizes and levels of experience and skill. The program serves as basic management training for the new manager or as a refresher course for the experienced manager.

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TN Senate
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