Center for Industrial Services

The Center for Industrial Services (CIS) was
created in 1963 by TCA 49-9-403 to provide assistance to existing business and industrial firms.


Center for Government Training

The Center for Government Training (CGT) was created in 1967 by TCA 67-3-905, 49-9-401 and 5-1-301. CGT trained countless city and county officials until it was dissolved in 2001.


Center for Telecommunications and Video (CTV)

The Center for Telecommunications and Video was established in 1985. Its purposed was to provide tele-production services throughout the university system of campuses and learning centers as well as to support the outreach efforts of other IPS agencies. It stayed under IPS until about 2001.


Civil Defense Education Program

The Civil Defense Education Program was once an IPS agency after it was transferred from University Extension. The program was created in 1963 to help local governments prepare for nuclear attack, and later assisted them in prepration for natural disasters and other emergencies.


County Technical Assistance Center

The County Technical Assistance Center (CTAS) was created in 1973 by TCA (49-9-402).

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Critical Care Education Center

The Critical Care Education Center was created in 1971 and became an agency within the Institute for Public Serivce in 1979. The center worked directly with hospitals to assess the educational needs of staff and developed programs to meet those needs.


Event Management Services

Event Management Services (EMS) started in 1996 as a support group for all IPS agencies. It supported the training and conference functions and extended its services to other university departments, and state and local governments. In 2001, the agency was dissolved and all of its services were moved back to the various agencies.


Government Industry Law Center

The Government, Industry and Law Center (GILC) was established under state law in 1963. It was once the umbrella for the Center for Industrial Services and the Center for Government Training. After the formation of IPS in 1971, GILC was dissolved.


Law Enforcement Innovation Center

In 1997, a new agency was formed under IPS. The Southeastern Community Oriented Policing Education program began and later became the Law Enforcement Innovation Center (LEIC). 

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Municipal Technical Advisory Service

The Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS) was created in 1949 by TCA 67-6-103 to provide technical assistance for the incorporated cities of the state.


Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership
The Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership was established by the Tennessee Legislature in 2009. The center conducts all government leadership training for IPS.


Technical Assistance Center

The Technical Assistance Center was an Economic Development Agency University Center created in 1971 and put under IPS for a short time.

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