Administrative Staff Gathers for Training Session

Twenty administrative staff members from each of the Institute for Public Service agencies met recently in Cookeville for day of training and networking. 


This is the first such training for this group. The program for the day was developed by an administrative training committee made up of Doug Brown (MTAS), Misty Bean (LEIC), Jill Marling (Administration), Patricia Burke (CTAS) and Tammy Gage (CIS).  The opening session was presented by Vallie Collins, who was a passenger of the plane that landed in the Hudson River in 2009.  Collins gave a very dynamic talk of that episode and how it has affected her and how she lives her life.   


For the training session, Shayna Humphrey, an adjunct faculty member from Vanderbilt University, presented a session on Handling Difficult Situations Like a Pro:  An Advanced Customer Service Seminar.  She talked about the building blocks of emotional intelligence, identifying personal hot buttons and reactions and their impact on effectiveness and morale, and learning ways to move to the other side of the fence to develop empathy.  Since these employees are the front line face for each of the agencies, it is critical that they can identify challenging customer service situations and learn and practice the ASAP method for managing difficult customer service.   


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